Simple Present Negations

Exercise 1

1) We  do not play handball at school.

2) Laura  does not clean her room.

3) Mark  does not do his homework.

4) Susan and Jerry  do not watch TV.

5) They  do not wake up at 6.30.

6) You  do not go shopping.

7) Mrs Smith  does not carry a big box.

8) My brother  does not teach English.

9) The teachers  do not tell stories.

10) I  do not fly in a plane.

Exercise 2

1) Tom does not collect stamps.

2) You do not sing songs in the bathroom.

3) Julie does not work in the garden.

4) I do not sit at home.

5) Tina and Kate do not open the windows.

6) Adam does not speak French.

7) His sister does not like lemonade.

8) We do not listen to music.

9) My father does not clean the car every Saturday.

10) Johnny and Danny do not swim in the lake.



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